Monday, December 12, 2011

We 2 are still being creative. Really. {Gail}

We're being SO creative that we have SO many projects going on that we aren't really... well, finishing stuff! OK, maybe a few things -- Sam got her awesome purple crocheted blanket finished; I did another hat and fixed an old one (knit, crochet baby hats for her prop box).

I made a gift basket for a charity auction and got crafty with a couple of tags and a recipe folder, but it went out of the house unphotographed! Dang!

One of my resolutions for the New Year -- yes, I'm making them already! -- is to participate in TAST: Take A Stitch Tuesday.   TAST 2012 Challenge home page  I am a wanna-be Crazy Quilter and although I already know how to do normal embroidery, doing it on Crazy Quilting involves other considerations. Can't wait to get started!

Another resolution for myself is to master sewing knits. I just avoid it as much as possible now, but that's because I don't know all the secrets to make it easy. Not sure how creative I'll be; sounds like my 2 daughters have huge wardrobe expectations from my knit-sewing-skills-to-be! I'll be a knit clothing factory, no creativity at all. ;)  We'll see.

3 weeks until the New Year! What will YOU be creating in 2012?

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