Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who We Are and What We Bring: Our Full Profile.

We 2 create

We love 2create

We 2 are Sam & Gail …

Gail and Samantha, mother-daughter, mom-kid, friend-friend, crafting partners, and consultants to each other’s creative efforts. 

What was once a non-employed engineer, sewist, casual baker, creative, curious stay-at-home mom with a child to entertain, teach, play with, and enjoy (eventually 3 of them) has evolved into 2creative women* with overflowing, overlapping creative urges and talents amplified by a love of learning the new and the now; a will to take it – whatever “it” is – to the next level; and the utter enjoyment of “playing with our toys.” We 2 are now not-employed-in-our-fields engineer and architect. It’s amazing what that technical training brings to the creative arena!

(*I would say 2creative young women, but she’d call me on it, and I am the mom so that kind of gives it away.)

On Toys.

Men (our men) have power drills, mountain bikes, computers, chain saws, Rokus, big-screen TVs, etc. We 2create with archivally safe pens, frosting tips, beads, crochet hooks, X-acto knives and rotary cutters, Photoshop, fabric and our machines: stand-mixers, electronic die-cutting machines, sewing machines and a serger, and espresso makers! Oh, and don’t forget the computer for googling things, playing Scrabble online, emailing files to each other for critique. (or proof-reading *mom’s eyes crossing*)

On Budgets.

Never mind, I don’t want to think about it. Let’s just say in this case, with age does NOT come wisdom. The younger is definitely the wiser in this area.

On Focus.

We have none. Or a lot. Kinda depends on how you look at it. We certainly don’t feel creatively defined as a scrapbooker, a crocheter, a cake decorator, a quilter – we don’t focus on just one type of crafting, oh no! We are both all of those, plus individually our lists are longer.  Sometimes we lack focus because inspiration is attacking us from all sides. Sometimes we have so much focus that meal prep goes by the wayside, (our men are so good in the kitchen – does it really matter?) that showers are finally taken in the late afternoon because we need to run to the store (the craft or fabric store, of course!) … and possibly an espresso stand along the way.

Love those Michael’s and Jo-Ann coupons. Using them to the fullest benefit is an ART.

I like pop-fiction, she likes literature. She likes wine and beer, I like ginger beer. She likes pants that are long enough, and hey! I can make them! (eventually) We generally like the same things, maybe to a different degree, but when we don’t we happily allow each other to be unique.

We 2create!

We love 2create!

Gail, June 2011 

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