Friday, July 1, 2011

First Attempt at Crocheting!

The first official crafting post!  I am so excited for this blog because I love to craft, and I love to share, and therefore I will probably craft more so I can share more!  Now a little background before I get into my current project…

I own my own photography business, Snapdragon Studios Photography (.com if you want to check it out, and yes Mom, I did have to work in a plug in my first entry at least).  I photograph everything, but the business features mostly baby and children portraiture.  It is still really new, but I am loving it!  And it fits right in with my crafty nature.  Since my budget is pretty tight (oh, the joys of being a new homeowner, and by new I mean old house with a lot of projects) I have been trying to figure out creative ways to benefit my business.  Right now I’m working on props, hats and blankets specifically!

Ok, so other than some middle school Home Ec, I have never really gotten into yarn crafting.  So this is still super new for me.  Thanks to my Momma, I have gotten a pretty decent start on a blanket that I will be using for a prop.  Once I got the hang of this stitch it was easy sailing, but I definitely needed the help to get started.  I am a visual learner, and patterns and written instructions with no pictures just don’t do it for me.  I might never have gotten past the DC abbreviation, which means Double Crochet, and which basically makes up this whole blanket, without my Mom.  Here is glimpse of what it is looking like so far…

I’m not sure how well the color translates in this picture, but it is a beautiful deep rich purple, and the other yarn is a variegated teal and purple that I am going to do a little ruffle trim around the edge when I have the size I want (btw, even though I am a photographer by trade, you are not allowed to judge these pictures because most of them will be taken with my cell phone).  It’s looking pretty darn good so far, if I do say so myself.  J  It amazes me how much yarn this V-stitch, which is basically two double crochets in the same hole, takes.  I’m about finished with my first skein of yarn and I’m thinking I will need at least two more.  MOM, expect a call when I get to the end of this skein… how do I switch skeins?  I realize I could probably look this up online, but I do love our little chats. J

Here is another closer glimpse at the V-stitch…

It is going to be so soft for babies to lay on!  And I think the texture will photograph really well.  I plan on taking this with me this weekend to my in-laws’ family cabin, and work on it on the beach enjoying the sun.  Side note – SUN!!  finally, Washington, finally.

Happy 4th of July Weekend!


  1. So I finally get to see your progress -- looking good! That yarn is one of the best purples ever. Crochet does seem to take a lot of yarn, because the "fabric" you are making is several yarn layers thick. Keep working! and Hurray for our blog!

  2. That looks awesome! Makes me want to take up crochet again, although the V stitch is the only one I know, so my yarn projects are limited!