Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Practical Craftiness

So this is me, admitting that not all crafting is necessarily practical.  At least in my case.  Please don’t pass this post along to my husband  ;)  BUT… seriously, I have spent over the last 6 years or so, hundreds, maybe more (eep, I’m not actually going to say thousands because I don’t really want to know!) on scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies.  Now, my hobby room is fully stocked (and by fully stocked I mean there are always more things I want to buy, but the budget really isn’t allowing that right now) and I have completed how many scrapbooks?  Erm… a big fat 1!  I have several more in progress, but only one fully completed album.  And I have made a few dozen cards, but in all reality, so far the venture into the world of scrapbooking has not really been practical in terms of money and time.  I do LOVE it though, so there is A LOT to be said for that. 

ANYWAY, last week my Mom and I actually got together and used our crafty set of skills and did some practical goodness to my house!  (And then we did some playing too, of course!)  I had bought some couch covers a while ago to make my couches not looks so much like the college hand-me-downs that they were.  Not to mention, one was rust colored, and the other blue/green with dots, those just don’t go very well in my head.  But these stretchy covers just did not fit very well.  They were stretchy in the wrong places, which meant bunching of fabric in some areas, and parts of the original color showing in others.  Ugh.  I figured out how to make them look okay by tucking and such, and I lived with them for quite a while.  But recently when we had to switch the couches around, the stretchiness was so bad on the back of one of them that I could see that ugly rust color halfway up the back of the couch, and the back was no longer against a wall.  L  So I called Mom, and she brought up her sewing machine, and we pushed, prodded, sewed, and switched the main cover part from couch to couch, and ended up with a much better looking system that will hold me over until some day I can buy new couches!  Here is a glimpse at our practical craftiness escapades…

Before, lots of ripples.

During, trying to figure out where to sew.

After, Not so bunchy arm and bottom.

First Couch Completed! And lookin pretty good,
if I do say so myself!

Second Couch, Before, So much fabric!!!

Second couch complete!!!
And its not pictured, but no more rust color showing on the back!

And then after we were done with the couches, which really didn’t take more than a couple hours, we played with some new toys Mom had bought!  In particular we were loving on these Heidi Grace box templates!  Not sure what I would use them for yet, but they were so cute, and easy to make too!

Overview of the "Heidi Grace Template Project Pack"

Open Box

Closed Box
Cute and Easy!

Maybe a good little box for Christmas treats or goodies for people?  I’d have to find the right kind of paper though… hmmmm

Now the brain is swirling with ideas  J



  1. The couches look awesome! Nice work!

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