Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence, Hawaii, and getting creative.

Happy day-after-Independence Day!

I am hoping this creative blog will help me become independent from sewing and crafting procrastination. With just a part-time job and no young ones dependent on my time, I can pretty much set my own schedule. It’s very easy to get lost in nothing-tasks, like playing computer games or doing my beloved logic puzzles. This blog is now my sewing/crafting time management system, and I'm so looking forward to cranking out project after project!  

I have just today finished a little dress and pantaloons for Sam’s infant niece who is moving to Hawaii this week! Making custom sewn outfits for her was my shower gift. I know the temperatures are warmer in Hawaii than here in Western WA, and in the fall it gets humid, too. I was there for my sister's wedding 21 years ago in September and it was downright steamy. This outfit is 100% cotton – cool and comfy.

Finished Hawaii-baby dress.
The panties peeking out look like penguin feet somehow...
Here’s the part where I had 2create! I only purchased 1/2 yard of the pink floral originally, just because I liked it, and now I can’t find more. That means I had to find a second fabric for the pantaloons. The unique shades of pinks and yellow made it difficult to match. I finally settled on this yellow polka dot – it really was the best color available. 

I thought it might take some creativity to make this come together as an outfit. As you can see from the before-picture below, it needed something. I made the little raw-edge flower and thought it pulled the two items together and added a tiny touch of “now”. I might do a headband or maybe a sunhat later, since I have yet to see Hawaii-baby with a bare head!

Before adding embellishment.
Hmm. Second thoughts.
I think I need to move the flower (1st photo) to the other side,
where that big patch of uninterrupted red/pink is.
Next up: adding the cargo pocket to a baby romper, sewing a little girl dress (half done), making Sam a top, making a shoulder bag out of home-dec fabric... oh, and continuing to knit that blanket for Sam's prop box, and... and ... my list goes on!

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