Sunday, July 31, 2011

Everyday Creativity {Gail}

Did we get creative this week? Yes, we2 did! Does it have to do with crafting, sewing, or other artistic or hobby-like pursuits? Not so much. Sometimes the everyday requirements of our life (to include sleep) prevent those types of creative activities. That means, if you are a creative person, they are going to
*Boing!* out in other ways.

Here’s a few situations where creativity and imagination made an impact this week from my side. I’ll let Sam figure out where her *Boing!*s happened and report.

Grocery issues! Oops, forgot to pick up flatbreads at the grocery store. No spinach tomato pesto pizzas. Make some pasta salad instead: what’s in the frig? Chop some of those tomatoes (and don’t forget tot get more for the pizzas); put some quartered onions on the grill with the chicken; grate some parmesan from the freezer; melt some cream cheese with minced garlic and thin it down with pasta water – stir! That’s getting creative.

It’s son’s best friend’s birthday? He ended up sleeping over? I gotta leave early, but can’t neglect some kind of celebratory Something! No breakfast treats in the house, so run to the market, get the bakery lady to write a HB message on a coffee cake, grabbed two Vanilla Frapps from Starbucks, and with my creativity I added some small bit of birthday celebration to the morning. Not my usual home-baked goodies or Blueberry Buttermilk Pancake recipe, but smiles and hugs.

Daughter’s stranded with an overheated car in hot eastern WA; pet rats are suffering as is she. Get creative: Buy some ice and bottled water, grab plastic bags, set their travel cage on the ice, wet down the cage and/or drape a wet Something (what’s in the suitcase?) nearby the cage for evaporative cooling. She already had a small cup of ice cubes in the cage – great thinking! May I say, thank goodness for cell phones.

You get creative more times a day than you may realize. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with craft supplies. Choosing your clothes from separates and adding accessories counts, making a meal without using recipes counts, figuring out how to coordinate time schedules and errands with your family – these are all creative pursuits!

Don’t forget 2celebrate your daily creativity!


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