Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time flies!

So I realize I’ve neglected posting this last couple of weeks, but ‘time flies when you are having fun!’  And I’m not even sure its that I was having fun all the time, but the fun mixed in with work, and work being fun, and the ongoing house project have pretty much just sucked any free time down the drain.  HOWEVER… bringing up Mom’s last post:
You get creative more times a day than you may realize. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with craft supplies. Choosing your clothes from separates and adding accessories counts, making a meal without using recipes counts, figuring out how to coordinate time schedules and errands with your family – these are all creative pursuits!
I definitely had some creative moments this week mixed in with the craziness that ‘did not have to do with craft supplies.’  First, I am a photographer, and I had a LOT of sessions the last couple of weeks so as far as that kind of creativity, I’ve been busting  at the seams with creative ideas, new fabrics for backgrounds (with some help from Mom in that category), hats, props, poses and the like.  I’m still in the editing process for those so I can’t share any, BUT I will share a photo that I took purely for my own creative pleasure.  This was late one night out on Hood Canal with some friends:

Such a beautiful night, don’t ya think?

Second, ‘making a meal without using recipes’…

I discovered Trader Joes premade refrigerated pizza dough this week, thanks to a good friend’s suggestion.  It is 1.29 for the dough, and oh so tasty!  This is the whole wheat dough with Cajun shrimp, andouille sausage, red bell, peppers, onions, and of course sauce and cheese!  It was tasty!

This night I made the regular pizza dough into Extra Garlicky Cheesy Bread.  Spread minced garlic mixed with a little butter on dough that has been rolled out.  Sprinkle on some cheese, sprinkle on some Johnny’s garlic cheese mix, fold over dough, sprinkle on some fresh grated parmesan and bake!  Took about 15 min at 400.  It was delicious, and oh so garlicky!

Next up I’m going to try my herbed pizza crust with a chicken-bacon-ranch pizza!  Yummy.

Finally, I did manage to fit in some crocheting, but I don’t have a pic to update at the moment.  I am into my third skein of yarn on my purple blanket and have been working on it every night I sit down to watch tv to unwind from the long days!

I have a lot of photo editing to get done this week, and an update to my business website has to get done too, so I’m not expecting a lot of myself in other creative areas.  But as my mom said, it always pops up in those daily aspects of life!  So cheers 2creating in whichever form it presents itself this week!


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  1. Oooh, that moonlight photo would make such a great postcard!