Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Quilting, 2projects {Gail}

I'm taking a quilting class with my friend K. It lasts for a year, and we meet once a month to get our free fabric and block instructions, then we are to come to the next class with the previous month's block stitched up. K and I decided we would cut and stitch our blocks together, making this class a great way to make sure we get together for a couple hours at least twice a month!

Well, I am very very VERY allergic to cats, and she has a house cat so I cannot even go into her house. While the weather is nice, we are doing our quilting sessions on her patio! It is wonderful to sit outside under a shade cover, birds singing, windchimes chiming, summer breeze breezing, and sew! The breeze does tend to blow around small pieces of fabric, so one must beware of that.

Here's the quilt block we made for this month. The class is based on cutting and piecing using template sets from Marti Michell. I really like the colors in this quilt. Overall, it will look more navy/white, with yellow and lt blue showing more than the green. I may just make some green substitutions. I wonder if the quilting police would come get me? ;)

Quilt Block #1 for class.
More progress on the Coffee wallhanging Word mosaic block below. See previous post for the first on this. I connected the two portions. I need to make it wider, but first I need to determine how much wider to fit with the other major sections of the wallhanging I have completed. You'll get to see those soon!

Segment 1 and 2 of Word mosaic block, combined.
Happy creating this week! Let us know what you are up to in the comments.


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