Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simple Details

In one week (if all goes well) you get me back to posting more often!!  Yay, because that means not only do I get to be more creative, but it means my house is officially re-sided!!  Thank goodness, because I’d like to enjoy just a bit of this warmer weather.  J  Speaking of warmer weather, I did actually get to go to a wedding reception potluck type of thing this weekend at our family cabin!  My creative contribution was the card that represented the present that came from my husband and I, my in-laws, and Aaron’s grandma and Aunt.  Because the house has taken over our lives, I only had an hour right before we left to both coach Aaron through making the pasta salad we were bringing and make the card.  You will probably be able to tell that the pictures I took are in the car on the way there!

The front of the card.  The little squares are stamped with 'love' stamps.

Details on the front: brads that matched the paper and added a hint of LOVE.  :)

Inside of the card, mimics the front just on the opposite side.
The part of the card that tells them we got them their Lime green pots and pans, and some Le Crueset pans.  I added those pictures on the green paper background once we got to the beach!  Used some stencils for the lettering.

Inside details.  All 6 of us signed in the 2 blank boxes.  And I stamped and wrote the bottom little message.  Also, if you hadn't noticed before you can see that I inked all the black edges of the card with some silver chalk ink that went well with the silver and black patterned accent paper.

This picture probably doesn't show it very well, but it is the back of the envelope I made. I used some of accent paper from the card just on the back of the envelope to give it a little pop, cover up some mismatched seams, and make the envelope a little sturdier.  I used my scoring board to make the envelope of course!
A fairly simple card, with some little details that brought it all together.  Hope you enjoyed it!  And see you again soon, I hope!!!


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  1. Nice! I love the lettering you did with stencils. And I am SO glad you explained the setting for your photos; I was having trouble with that...