Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Messenger Bag {Gail & Becca}

Here is the second bag that Becca and I made last week. This one she stitched while I advised and supervised. The pattern was Green Pepper F875, Oregon Trail Messenger Bag. We made some modifications to both customize it and improve it. That's one of my JOYS of being a sewist, and I can't repeat it enough -- you can make ANYTHING better, unique, or just right if you stitch it yourself!

Becca chose a conservative look for her bag: grey wide-wale corduroy and black denim.
Becca, wearing her conservative messenger bag
before the button & bungee closure was added.
See picture below.

However, when we got home and started looking for lining fabric (we forgot to consider this at the store) the only thing from my fabric stash that made us happy was a combo of a black colorful print and a coordinating solid light green.

We have decided, in our family, that light toned bag/purse linings make it easier to find your stuff! So that's why we used the light green along with the black print -- the combination of the two brought it all together and gave her the light lining she required.

What you can't see in the picture below is that the compartment holding the spiral notebook is light green inside, as is the inside of the zipper (purple!) pocket. The light green is only showing as the stripes in the bag flap.

Ooooh, pretty!
Like those racing stripes? That's a "fix" that became a design feature!

 I hope that all our customizations, creativity, and hard work created a bag that will last all year!

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