Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Embellishment Revisited. {Gail}

Well, I left you yesterday with second thoughts about the placement of the flower embellishment on Hawaii-baby's dress. In case you missed it, it is in the second photo's caption.

Plus, I do indeed know better than to put just one of something embellishment-like, floating all lonesome-like on a sea of fabric. So I decided not only to move that one yellow rosette, but to make two smaller ones to keep it company.

So I did.
Then I didn't like any of them.

They seemed to strongly yellow for the yellow in the dress print. And they looked heavy. I am not even posting a photo! You'll just have to take my  word for it. I decided to lighten the look and make new rosettes out of just a single layer of fabric.  
Embellishment revisited. Much more balance of color.
Realize that when Hawaii-baby is IN the dress,
the left and right edges of the skirt will not show toward the front.

A look from the top toward the hem.

The new ones have the same torn edge, stabilized with a line of straight stitching as before. But now, with just the single layer of fabric, they are sheerer (more sheer?) and relate to the yellow in the print much better. I only made one small companion, and then covered up the big one's butt (you mean you didn't you know these flowers had butts?!) with a little poufy 4 loop bow out of 3/16" double face satin white ribbon. Looks just like a little corsage, which wasn't my intent. So be it.

This kind of flower is quick and easy to make, and versatile. 
You can use it on almost anything --  bags and fabric purses, restyled T-shirts, and of course, baby clothes!

Hope the dress has fun in Hawaii! and Hawaii-baby and her parents, too!
On to the next project! I hear fabric, yarn, and paper calling!
Make that projectS.

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