Sunday, July 10, 2011

Knitting a Baby Blanket {Gail}

 I'm knitting the Starlit Blanket with Bernat Baby acrylic yarn for Samantha's prop box, and mostly because I was fascinated with the pattern and that was the best excuse! She's going to post a picture soon -- we hung out together yesterday and snuck in a blankets-in-progress photo shoot!

It's a very easy pattern to memorize; it's clever; and it looks so cool! I've never been a fan of baby blankets with big lacy holes in them -- they're pretty, but fingers and toes get caught. This blanket has awesome texture, small eyelets, and delicate appearance. I try to knit one 4-row repeat each day. Except for last week.

I've never knit a baby blanket before. I'm an "occasional knitter" with infrequent bursts. I also am not afraid to give anything a try -- failure doesn't bother me, it just challenges me to try again or to go with some additional creative experimentation! This last couple years, hanging around creative people like never before (including Sam!) has inspired me to be busy with the crafts and sewing that I love. This blanket is the first thing I've knit with very small needles (size 3), with tiny yarn (size 1), and a complicated-over-4-stitches repetitive pattern.

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  1. The blanket is looking great - you are doing a beautiful job of it. :)