Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Completed Crochet Cocoon {Gail}

I finished something! Those who know me realize that I start far more projects than I finish, so this is noteworthy. I mentioned the crocheted "cocoon" I was making for Samantha to take newborn photos with, and now it's finished. First a photo of the base of the cocoon, or pod, when it was partway done:

... about 60% of the way done,
 including all the (relatively speaking) hard parts.

The finished pod -- we had no newborn handy, so this is Samantha's best option to show the filled cocoon. Goofy (Pluto?) sure looks happy in there.

The finished cocoon -- a newborn will feel nicely swaddled
while looking all egg-snuggled getting her picture taken.

The merino wool blend is so plush, smooth, and cuddly feeling -- babies are going to love it in there! This is Lion Brand Superwash Merino Cashmere which also includes some nylon. And let's not forget that this yarn is Superwash treated, making it completely machine washable with no risk of felting. Hurray for modern technology! Details of the pattern and yarn are two blog-entries below and/or you can see my project notes at Ravelry.com. Don't get too hungry scrolling through all those ice cream pictures LOL!

Happy stitching!

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