Monday, September 12, 2011

International Crochet Day!

So if you didn’t know already, I’m a fairly new yarn enthusiast.  Meaning I’ve only completed 1.5 crochet projects, but I already own a giant container’s worth of various yarns!  The full completed project is a hat I just made a few days ago which is what this post is about!  J

I was itching to do some creating and only had one evening available.  As my scrapbooking bench was a mess and I did not feel like spending half the evening cleaning it first I opted for a yarn project.  I could have worked on my blanket project (featured in previous posts), but I really wanted to learn to make some hats so I can get going on some props for kids and babies and the upcoming Christmas season.  (I’m planning ahead on some Christmas Mini-Shoots for my business, Snapdragon Studios Photography).  I had also been eyeing some crochet patterns from an etsy shop, Just Be Happy.  The hats are adorable, and from her facebook page she seems like the nicest lady, so I knew if I had any problems I could probably send her an email and she would help me out!  Plus, I know she is local to my area, and I know over the internet that doesn’t really matter, but as a new business in the area I would like to form some connections. 

Feel like I’m rambling already soo…
1. Bought Patterns. 
2. Looked at patterns. 
3. Got confused by crochet pattern lingo.  (I’m still a crochet newbie remember?!)
4. Emailed Mom she would have to help me interpret pattern and teach me how to start a hat. 
5. Was impatient and didn’t want to go watch tv with hubby. 
6. Opened up google and youtube and taught myself.
7.  Completed the hat minus trim and braids that night. 
8.  Finishing touches the next evening. 
9. Emailed Mom completed hat picture before she even looked at original email! 
10. Tadah!

A couple of notes, and then pictures to follow.

I watched a lot of videos but the two links below are the ones I found most helpful.  The other videos done by these two people also seem to be some of the most instructive and easy to follow out there.

Also, something I’m working on getting better at… size!  My stitches are even, but I think I stitched this hat too tight.  I was following the pattern for the 12-36 months, but ended up with a hat that is the size of 3-6 months.  So I either need to work on looser stitches or I might try using one size bigger of a crochet hook.  It still turned out really cute I think, and pretty well for a first attempt… check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Checking my gauge/stitch size so the hat would come out right… measured correctly to what it should have been, but I think I was so focused on doing a stitch I hadn’t done before that the size wasn’t accurate to what it would be once I was comfortable with it. 

Made Magic Circle and completed first ring.

About 6 rows in, and starting to look pretty even stitch-wise.  Using a paper clip as a stitch marker, because actual stich markers were buried in scrapbook bench mess.  J

12 rows done!  I was so excited at this point because it was actually starting to look like a hat!  I kept interrupting hubby from tv and exclaiming… “look at what I can do now!!”

End of night one… stuffed animals make the best models, lol.  Can’t wait until I have a client that fits my first ever made crochet hat!

Finished green single crochet around the edges and tied the braids!  Success!
 After deciphering crochet lingo, the pattern directions were great!  Straightforward, multiple sizes included, and great pictures for reference!  I've since bought a few more patterns and can't wait to try them (probably going to try another as soon as I finish posting this)!  If you are interested and if you are reading this today... It is International Crochet Day, and Just Be Happy is offering a 15 percent discount on already made hats and her patterns with the coupon code "CROCHETISCOOL" today only!

As she always says, Happy Crocheting!


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