Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Few Little Somethings for You... {Gail}

I've had such a fun couple of weeks! I've quilted, doodled, scrapped, crafted -- and spent far too much time on the computer, jumping from blog to blog (to Pinterest) to blog, finding all kinds of new things to do! That's what happened with this first project tonight. An hour ago, I was cruising Pinterest and these cute little twine flowers showed up. As I was sitting at my "Sewing Command Center" (sewing machine table with my newly acquired laptop parked on it) and didn't want to get up *LAZY!* I reached for some heavy thread, then rumaged through my wastebasket for a piece of packaging chipboard -- voila! I followed the instructions at this fun blog! and ended up with this cute 1 1/2" flower!
I will definitely be making more of these!

Then, one sunny day ... we've actually had a couple this week, *shock!* ... I took a better picture of my fabric Valentines:
Way better lighting! YAY Sun!
On this sunny day, I was also taking a picture of the pieced quilt top for my Coffee "Obsession Quilt" Wallhanging (find early mention/photos here) that I was finally able to complete... relatively speaking. You'll notice that it seems really busy at the left and bottom and pretty boring on the top, right, and especially the middle. The next stage of development is to add the applique coffee mug, typography, and other embellishments to this piece before doing the quilting and finishing. I'm so excited to have it at this stage, because all the Obssession Quilting decision-making is over. I love it, but when it's time to be done, it's time to be done!
Imagine a coffee cup appliqued in the center brown area,
and some (secret for now) theme words splashed top and right.
And then, because I ended up with a leftover fabric-framed block, I turned it into a fun little potholder. It really should NOT take 6 hours to make a potholder ;) but with my laptop beside the sewing machine ~distraction!!~  and then I was forcing myself to machine stitch the binding down, which I hate because I'm bad at it so I must make myself practice and get better!! Right? Anyway. It's done, the back of the binding leaves a lot to be desired but it's done and I love it!

Leftover block framed in brown, I added borders,
curved the corners and the side,
and put on some binding. I'm gonna love
this potholder in my coffee-theme kitchen!
Back... do NOT -- I repeat -- do NOT even
look at those binding corners!
But isn't that cute fabric?

And then, today, I decided to check out my T-Juice fabric markers on an old tote bag, using some ZenTangle techniques and other general Gail-doodles. Blue is water-soluble marker, so it will go away.

~This~ is going to be a fun thing. Zentangle on fabric. All smudgy or bleeding has been done intentionally. Really ;)
Happy Crafting!


  1. I love the flower! Thanks for sharing your flower and the link to the tutorial. I can see many uses for them.

  2. Nice work. Your Coffee Obsession Wallhanging is adorable.