Wednesday, January 18, 2012

not-so-Wordless Wednesday: TAST Wk 3 Feather Stitch {Gail}

I just can't do it. Wordless isn't me, especially for something that's not as obvious as it seems!

I've never done feather stitch before since it never showed up in any of the kits I did as a kid, and I haven't jumped into CQ until now. I never felt the need to use it in any other creations so I never bothered to learn it.

Feather stitch; geometrically inclined me likes the random, free-form technique a lot!
I started with the basics on the left, then veered the heavy stitching off to the right by making the left-most feather lopsided. After a few more stitches, I abandoned the Aida grid and curved it around and tapered it down. Not so hard!

I wanted to fill in some empty space so the photo didn't look so blank, so I started filling the space in the upper left with sideways stitching. When I got to one end, I stitched back the other way keeping the stitches one square away from previous work. I really liked the fill! The third and fourth rows are offset by 2 squares. I really like my nested feather stitches best! (nest, feather HA!)

Then I speed-stitched the white with no precision, just to see what it would look like. Funnily, I can see myself using this organic style most -- no marking, no worries!

I'm already seeing many ways to get creative with this aside from wide borders or branchy plants.

Happy Stitching! Gail


  1. I like how you seemed to have fun with the stitches and worked in different directions.