Saturday, January 21, 2012

RE: Pot Pourri of Crafting {Sam}

Apparently when I read the post my Mom wrote a few days ago I missed the little message to me at the bottom!  SO...

Yes, Mom, if I make some soup from your cookbook I will save you some!  In fact, its in my plan for today to menu plan for next week and go grocery shopping now that the roads are driveable!  As they have not been for the last few days! (See the picture of my car below)

Yay!  Snow!

To answer the other question... "What did I work on?"  I can only really show you a glimpse as it is a gift and she hasn't seen it yet!  When she does I will post more about it!

Embelishment flower!

Short and Sweet today, as I need to go get ready for my hubby to come home (he's been gone for three weeks in China)!  Will post more on soups and crafting soon!!


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  1. Looking forward to soup from my 300 Soups cookbook and stories of China tonight!