Friday, January 27, 2012

Sensational Soups! {Sam}

Soup, soup, and more SOUP!  That is what the agenda is for the next three years!  Three years?!  Yup, Mom and I are going Julie&Julia style and going to make every recipe out of this awesome cookbook we found: 300 Sensational Soups. However, if you’ve seen that movie, we aren’t quite as crazy as Julie was.  In order to complete her challenge she had to make 524 recipes in one year!  This cookbook only has 300 recipes in it and we want some freedom SO… our goal:  Each of us makes 1 soup a week out of the cookbook for the next three years!  In other words, ALL of the soups will be made by one of us.

What prompted this:  Well…
Mom bought cookbook.
I borrowed cookbook.
I made a soup from it and invited Mom and brother up to share.
We decided we had to try them all!

The first one that prompted this decision: Curried Salmon Soup in Coconut Stock

The following is a little glimpse through pictures of how the prep went for the soup and the salad Mom made to accompany it!
Aaron prepped the salmon he caught a few months ago and froze for us.
Jicama being sliced for the salad
Cilantro, jalapeno slices, cucumber, mango…. Yummmm.
First up in the pan: onions, green onions, garlic, ginger!
Sauté.  PS… love my colorful melamine spoons!
Add curry powder, we used spicy curry powder!

Next in the pan: Sweet potato and chicken stock!

Meanwhile, salad is prepped in the bowl!
Soup gets some coconut milk and baby corn.
Salad gets grated ginger, fresh squeezed lime, and pressed garlic. 
Look at all those kitchen tools at work!
Cubed salmon goes into the pot next!
And tadaaaa!  SOUP!  And delicious soup, garnished with cilantro and lime!  We also served it with a little bowl of rice.  Wishing I had some leftovers right about now.
The salad was delicious too, and the mango a perfect complement to this curry soup!
1 soup down, 299 left to make!  We will be blogging about these soups frequently, so if you want to follow along make sure you pick up the cookbook!  It is fairly cheap through amazon.  And we will test them all for you so you know which ones are the best!  Happy Cooking!


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