Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday {Sam}

It’s impossible for me to write nothing, but I’ll try to limit my wordiness on this fine Wednesday.  I am a photographer, full time now too.  That is where the bulk of my creative energy goes.  Usually though, that energy goes into clients.  While this is awesome and I love what I do, I thought I’d post on some creative energy I spent on myself.  The first is a series of self portraits, every single one of which I experimented with in post-production.  Then there are a couple goofs, my happy family, and things that inspire me both subject wise and photographically…. 
(Click on photos to view larger versions)

What is your favorite photo?  I’d appreciate any feedback on my experimenting in the comments below!

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And you can view my “work” here.  J

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  1. I loveeee the first one! I love what you did with your eyes. makes me think of the stuff you did to mine. could definitely see how we are related right there. and alot of the glass ones are really cool.