Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines for my guys {Gail}

Pink hearts that guys will LOVE! Yes, you read that right.

With two guys and no other females in the house, I’m not as inspired to get all pink and heart-y at Valentine’s Day. But since it is a good day to add a little flair to show some love and affection, I decided to put a Valentine-y twist on a simple dinner. The way to a guy's heart is through his stomach, as they say!

Tomatoes showed me surprise hearts!
I mad a salad to start, which wasn’t actually going to have anything Valentine-y going on, but when I sliced this tomato in half and nipped out the core, it looked very heart-like! I made a thin slice off each half, and then chopped the rest into the salad. :)

Salad may not be first on a guy's list of foods they love, but mine know not to argue when I say to eat vegetable matter. I make them eat veg because I love them and want to keep them healthier, right? Love.

We love pasta at our house, and in my perfect (aka dream) world I was going to make some red pasta using beets, yadda yadda yadda. However, some raviolis from Costco out of the freezer, plus half a bag of frozen tortellini that needed using were much more realistic.

I added protein with chicken and ham, and put together a quick cream sauce made from skim milk, low-fat cream cheese, and some butter and olive oil. Not that healthy, but healthier than regular Alfredo. I added red onion at the end so it just wilted and kept its color. Some chopped fresh basil and coarse grated parmesan topped it all, and then…  

Ravioli dinner, garnished with love for Valentine's Day!

… the Valentine-y part! Ham is pink. Guys (my guys) love ham. All I needed was hearts. ~TA DA!~ a heart shaped cookie cutter completes the guys + pink +  hearts equation! The ham I was using was a nice 1/4” sliced ham steak and wasn’t too difficult to cut with the heart cutter.

What guy could turn down pink hearts for Valentine's Day when they are presented in ham, over creamy ravioli with basil and parmesan? Not mine! They both chuckled and grinned, knowing that I succeeded in surprising them with pink Valentines they could truly appreciated, and dished up!

Happy Valentines Day to all the guys out there, via pink ham hearts!



  1. Kathy, I see hearts everywhere, but this was a new one to me. I'll be checking out my food prep more frequently now; hearts are one of my favorite motifs.