Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paper-Crafting Presents! {Sam}

So I promised in my last post that I would share something other than food!  So I’m going to!  In this post!  After, I talk about food first…..  ;)

After seeing Mom’s post yesterday, I just wanted to jump in and say that I also made some much-appreciated-heart-shaped-pork yesterday!  Saw this idea on Pinterest, and knew that heart shaped bacon was definitely the way to hubby’s heart on Valentine’s morning!

 And now… crafting!  And not just any kind, but paper-crafting, my favorite!  Last year I got involved in this handmade pay-it-forward kind of thing.  One of the people on my list was my sister-in-law’s Mom, who has become family to me too.  For her gift, I decided to make something with these awesome 7 Gypsies frames!  I focused on the girls in the family, and had a lot of fun mixing and matching papers and punches and embellishments!  And here it is!

You may remember this picture from a previous post as a sneak peek before I gave her the frame.  This little flower is very easy to make!  Pick a color paper.  Cut different sized circles.  Rough up the paper a little bit.  Glue together (I think a little unevenness looks best).  Add a button for the center, and any kind of leaves if you like.

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I love making layered flowers out of paper.  This one has the light pink paper folded and then wrapped around and taped together with the darker pink textured paper on top.  It is taped in multiple places so the flower kept its shaped.  I added a rhinestone brad through the middle and stuck it down with some 3D Zots.  I love Zots, they are used in almost all of my paper-crafting adventures!

In other paper-crafting news, I whipped together this little idea yesterday for my hubby for Valentine’s Day.  I found the idea on Pinterest here and expanded on it, partly because I already had this collage frame laying around with nothing in it.  We hung it in our bathroom and now we can write each other little love notes with dry erase markers!  Cute and fun!

Detail of LOVE. I LOVE my Cricut because it cuts these fantastic letters and shapes for me!

And with that, I’m off 2create some food for dinner!


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